The Sacred Grove

became reality when Lucy got inspired to build a labyrinth.  She and her husband, Pat, bought 10 acres of land that had always held spiritual significance for them. They picnicked and walked this land with their children never realizing how significant these acres would become to them and to all the future visitors who would come to enjoy this special place since the inception of the Sacred Grove in 1999.


As you park and walk the path into the woods of oak and pine, ferns and brush this sign announces your entrance into

The Sacred Grove.

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Farther into the woods there is a sign that reads:


Welcome to The Sacred Grove


These 10 acres of  The Sacred Grove are yours

to enjoy.  The Sacred Grove provides space

for being…whatever that means to you.  Although *Sacred Ceremonies Ltd. legally owns this land,

in actuality, we are all stewards of it. 

Use it joyfully, sacredly, and as often as you would like.  The Sacred Grove has been incorporated under

Sacred Ceremonies, Ltd,

so it can exist in perpetuity.

We would request that you honor the sacredness of all that makes up The Sacred Grove.




As you walk out of the woods the 60’ in diameter labyrinth greets you.


The Labrynth
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