Bury your loved one's cremains in a green, eco-friendly way.

Sacred Ceremonies, Ltd provides an eco-friendly setting for memorializing your loved one’s cremated remains.  Visit the ten acre Sacred Grove and experience the peace and solitude of nature.  Walk the paths, rest on a pine log bench, watch the wildlife, breath in the fresh air and get in touch with the spirit of the Sacred Grove.

We are not “Corporate,” we are not “Proprietary”, we are not “Denominational.”  Due to the wisdom of the founders and the Sacred Ceremonies Board, the Sacred Grove exists only for the benefit of those who visit.  Those who are dedicated to the work and improvement of the Sacred Grove are all volunteers, and those volunteers are part of providing a permanent and fitting memorial to lives well lived.

Areas are provided for the scattering/burial of cremated remains.  Your recorded designated plot will be permanently held by the S.C. Board and a map with the designated plot indicated will be given to the family.  Several options exist for scattering/burial.  You may pour the ashes into a trench or hole or bury a bio-degradable urn*, in keeping with our commitment to a natural process of allowing nature to participate fully and at the earliest possible time.  There is the option to lay a natural stone engraved with name and dates on top of the cremains area.  Ask for more details.  We have plans to erect a Memorial Board  with all decedents names and dates listed.

You are invited to call 715-566-2462 with any questions.  When you are ready to choose a plot, call ahead so there can be a volunteer available to give you a tour of the cremains areas: Woodlawn, Lilac Grove, and Ridge Rest.

A plot can be marked and reserved with monthly payments, if you choose.

There is great comfort in the knowing that a loved one’s remains can forever be associated with a place that had special significance to them and their family.  If the family would like a committal service and do not have their own celebrant, Sacred Ceremonies can provide an experienced celebrant.

The Sacred Grove is a part of Sacred Ceremonies, Ltd which is a registered 501(c)3 organization, independent and non-sectarian.

All contributions are fully tax deductible.


Cremains Scattering/Burial

$250 (minimum contribution) Includes opening/closing

Commital Service provided by Sacred Ceremonies

$100 - $200 depending on length (minimum contribution)

Distance Commital

If you would like your loved one's cremains buried in the Sacred Grove but are unable to be present: $250 scattering/burial plus $250 for respectfully following your instructions - scattering or burial, choosing the location and posting on Memorial Board.


If requested, we will store your loved one's cremains until day of service. (Contribution requested)

Internment of cremains can be scheduled between April 1 to December 1, weather permitting.

Scattering/burial of cremains in the Sacred Grove designated areas is legal. WI Statute 440.80(2)(a)(b)