Rules & Regulations

  1. Whatever you bring in you take out.
  2. A fire in the fire ring must have prior permission.
  3. Only leave the fire ring when there is no smoke, and ash bed is cool to the touch.
  4. Please do not cause damage to natural features, resources, trails, or facilities.
  5. Pets are allowed to romp and play.
  6. Motor vehicles are discouraged except for medical and mobility reasons.
  7. Digging, disturbing, or removing any artifact or historical article is prohibited.
  8. Noise from electric, mechanical, or manually operated devices is prohibited. Our neighbors also enjoy the solitude of the Sacred Grove.
  9. No person shall discharge, possess, or use any form of fireworks or firearms.
  10. If you want to organize, promote, or hold a group sponsored event, you must have prior written authorization from the Sacred Ceremonies board.
  11. To avoid scheduling conflicts, prior permission must be granted to use The Gathering Place
  12. The Sacred Grove falls under Burnett County ordinances.